Village Ford believes in innovation and we want to help you learn all the features that Ford offers in their vehicles. We offer the Vehicle Technology Specialist service which specializes in the Ford Sync and MyTouch technology. Here at Village Ford we want to educate our customers to maximize the current technology in their vehicle. We long to assure that our customers are 100% comfortable with the capabilities and functions of their in-vehicle technologies. We strive for nothing less than your complete satisfaction and offer this service for free. Our specialist is highly trained and Ford-certified to promise that you receive the best education possible. Village Ford will work patiently at your speed and at your level.

Contact our Technology Specialist if you have questions about the technology in your vehicle or would like to set up an appointment for a SyncMyRide Session.




Village Ford
Technology Specialist
(313) 565-5320



Helpful Ford Technology Documents

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For Vehicles with Ford SYNC

For Vehicles with Ford SYNC with Voice Guided Navigation

For Vehicles with Ford SYNC with MyFord

For Vehicles with Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch


Troubleshooting Mobile Phones

SYNC Phone Tips for iPhone

SYNC Phone Tips for BlackBerry

SYNC Phone Tips for Android


Troubleshooting SYNC Voice Commands

SYNC Voice Commands Flow Chart (for vehicles without MyTouch)

Fun SYNC Commands with Ford MyTouch


SYNC Handbook

SYNC Technology Information Guide

SYNC Ford MyTouch Technology Information Guide

Ford MyTouch System Upgrade Installation Information

Phones Not Compatible With SYNC

The following phones do not work with SYNC:


Motorola v710 (firmware version unknown)

Palm 755P (firmware version unknown)

Samsung Gleam (firmware version U700.AG07

Samsung Juke (firmware version U470.AH23)

Samsung M300 (firmware version M300AE07)

Samsung SCH-A870 (firmware version A870.ZD09

Samsung SCH-A990 (firmware version A990.ZH07)

Sprint LG Rumor (firmware version LX260V06)

Sprint Samsung M510a (firmware version ESM510 AC19)

Verizon i760 (firmware version i760-07V-AH08


The following phones do not work with SYNC with MyFord Touch:


AT&T Nokia 6350 (firmware version 4.96)

AT&T Pantech Ease (P2020) (firmware version JIUS04052010)

AT&T Pantech Impact (P7000) (firmware version JDUSS2009102009)

AT&T Pantech Link (P7040) (firmware version JFUS03152010F)

AT&T Pantech Pursuit (P9020) C37(firmware version JEUS01252010)

AT&T Pantech Laser (P9050) (firmware version JJUS08232010c)

AT&T Sony Vivaz (U5) (firmware version R2FA011)

AT&T ZTE F160 (firmware version 1.2.0)

Sprint HTC Hero200 (firmware version 1.56.651.2)

Sprint HTC Evo 4G (PC36100) (firmware version 3.26.651.6)




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